Youth Development Opportunities


Engage with The Youth Assembly community and join the conversation online and in person

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The Youth Assembly participants are invited to reflect and record their experiences as a Delegate/Observer to The Youth Assembly.

Participants are encouraged to write a short response to the journal prompts shared via Twitter or Instagram. Follow the hashtag #DelegateDiaries!


YA Connect

The YA Connect sessions are informal social gatherings during the conference that aim to connect Delegates and Observers with shared experiences, home region, or interests in the SDGs. These sessions are the perfect opportunity to engage with fellow attendees who may be working on the same projects or initiatives.

Participants are welcome to share their #DelegateDiaries during these sessions!


YA Word Cloud

Want to visually represent your voice? The YA Word Cloud is your opportunity to add your voice to hundreds of other young leaders and become a part of The Youth Assembly Word Cloud.

How to Participate

Tell us:

  • One (1) word that describes you (e.g. your strength, your passion, your dream)

  • One (1) word that describes the Youth Assembly from your perspective


  • Online by submitting your word(s) here OR;

  • In-person at the YA Word Cloud board located at the opportunities table in the lobby during the conference 

The Word Cloud will be presented during the closing ceremony of The Youth Assembly.


YA Alumni: Panel Discussion

This panel brings together exceptional YA alumni in conversation with Delegates and Observers to learn about how their YA experience informed their professional and academic trajectories in transformative ways. The panel will discuss various opportunities available to Delegates and Observers, including the following: Impact Facilitator Program, Ambassadors Program, The Youth Assembly Impact Challenge, Peer Mentorship Program, Outstanding Youth Delegate Award, and Delegation Partner.

The YA alumni will share how they have leveraged these opportunities, share their current projects, give advice to first-time Delegates, and offer guidance for participants who are interested in pursuing exciting opportunities as YA alums.

How to participate

Are you ready to embark on your post-YA journey with us? Make sure to include this panel in the list of sessions you plan to attend. The program schedule will be available soon.


YA Ambassadors: Orientation and Meet & Greet

The Ambassadors Program was created as an extension to The Youth Assembly flagship conference. This program allows former Delegates/Observers to remain connected with Friendship Ambassadors Foundation and The Youth Assembly. An Ambassador's role includes providing information about the SDGs and recruiting the next generation of Delegates from their respective universities and communities.

The Youth Assembly participants are invited to attend the Ambassadors Orientation Session and meet the current Ambassadors to learn about their experiences and how they can be involved.

How to participate

Your journey to becoming an Ambassador starts here! Make sure to include this panel in the list of sessions you plan to attend. The program schedule will be available soon.


Impact Facilitator Program Showcase

With the plethora of incredible work done by our Delegates worldwide, Impact Facilitators will 
play an important role in encouraging impact, and monitoring and reporting information about our Delegates’ work, stories, and successes in their respective regions post-YA. This program enhances and strengthens our connection with our Delegates and helps foster youth action after each session of The Youth Assembly.

The program overview and requirements will be discussed for interested Delegates who want to become an Impact Facilitator for the 24th session of The Youth Assembly.  Delegates will get the chance to hear from current Impact Facilitators about their experiences and meet their regional Impact Facilitator. The Impact Facilitator program brings a unique opportunity to delegates to take action and work on making meaningful impact.

How to Participate

Are you ready to embark on your post-YA journey with us? Make sure to include this panel in the list of sessions you plan to attend. The program schedule will be available soon.


Impact Challenge Finals

Delegates to The Youth Assembly are called to action by developing original, impactful, and innovative solutions to the social, economic, and environmental issues outlined in the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Challenge participants will design and pitch proposals for a social impact project of their own creation. Candidates with the best proposals – chosen by a panel of judges – will be awarded with seed funding and connected to resources to help launch their vision into action.

The Final round of the Impact Challenge will take place on February 16, 2019 from 1:00 - 3:30 PM. Delegates are invited to observe the competition and learn about fellow delegates innovative and impact generating solutions to our world’s greatest challenges.