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August 10-13, 2018
New York University & Hunter College


Opportunities for Delegates/Observers

Create game-changing solutions for the SDGs

Stand out among hundreds of young leaders

Amplify the youth voice in critical issues

Build strong connections with our global community

Celebrate diversity through music and the arts

Learn about the work of diplomatic missions

Take part in seasonal programs beyond the conference

Engage with our community online and in person

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Join a global network of youth taking action to solve some of the world’s most pressing issues

While the extraordinary Delegates who make up The Youth Assembly come from diverse backgrounds, we all have one thing in common – our world-changing potential. We are emerging change-makers, social innovators, advocates, development practitioners, and leaders in our communities and the world at large.


Delegate Map
21st Session of The Youth Assembly (2018 Winter)


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The Youth Assembly

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With the support of our lead endorsers, partners, ambassadors, peer mentors, and volunteers, The Youth Assembly’s powerful impact ripples far beyond the flagship conference. We are proud to work with the United Nations, Permanent Missions to the United Nations, and a long list of prestigious institutions and organizations, including the World Bank Group, The Resolution Project, Thought For Food, Instagram, Microsoft YouthSpark, UN Foundation, The Huffington Post, and many more.

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Previous Lead Endorsers

The following Permanent Missions to the United Nations have co-organized previous sessions of The Youth Assembly at the United Nations Headquarters in New York:

Previous Partners

21st Session of The Youth Assembly

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Our Mission

We foster youth action for sustainable development

We are building a movement through a unique global platform where youth:

  • Connect with the most influential leaders, experts, and practitioners 
  • Fuel their passion and work with groundbreaking tools, knowledge, training, and resources
  • Join a cross-sector and multi-stakeholder dialogue on current global development efforts
  • Develop and practice essential skills to make real impact in their communities and the world
  • Create and design solutions that drive action for sustainable development

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