Summer MiniFestival


Celebrate diversity through music and the arts

The Youth Assembly Summer MiniFestival will showcase a variety of performances by local artists including dancers, singers, orchestra, rock band, youth choir, and more!

August 13, 2018


Cultural Fashion Show

What better way to showcase your culture than by wearing it? All delegates and observers are invited to dress in their national/cultural attire during the Closing Ceremony. Participants also have the opportunity to take part in the runway and represent their country’s traditional or modern fashion!

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The Festival

Together with hundreds of young people from around the world, the 22nd Session of The Youth Assembly will conclude with a Closing Ceremony featuring the first-ever Summer MiniFestival.

The Summer MiniFestival will bring together our delegates, partners, supporters, and special guests in celebration of The Youth Assembly community. The special event will feature a variety of musical performances, including classical orchestra, a cappella choir, rock bands, multicultural dancers, and more. It will showcase the colors of diversity through fashion, music, dance, and performance arts from around the world. 

This array of performance acts draws inspiration from Friendship Ambassadors Foundation’s historical tradition and work in the arts, and in building connections across the globe. The celebration honors the role of the arts in promoting global cooperation for a greater social good.