Applicant Questionnaire

1. Among the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, which one(s) is/are the most important to you? Choose three (3) at most.

2. How are you working toward the goal(s)? Describe your contribution/work and its impact in your community and/or globally. (Max. of 200 words only)

3. Which category best describes your contribution/work?

Project / Campaign / Program / Movement / Research / Social venture or enterprise / Volunteer work / Professional work / None of the above or Not applicable

4. List down the name of organization(s) you are proud to be working with or have worked with.

5. Why do you want to attend The Youth Assembly? Tell us what you hope to accomplish and how this would help you in your endeavors. (Max. of 200 words only)

6. What specific actions do you plan to undertake as a result of your participation at The Youth Assembly? (Max. of 200 words only)

7. Optional: Any additional information you'd like us to know about you or your work? (Max. of 200 words only)

8. Please provide all supporting media links (valid URLs only).

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Become an Outstanding
Youth Delegate

Your answers to the Applicant Questionnaire on the next page may qualify you to be selected as a finalist for the Outstanding Youth Delegate (OYD) Award.

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