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Unique and enriching programs and services that offer a comprehensive experience beyond the flagship conference


  • All Program Packages include full access to the conference (the 22nd Session of The Youth Assembly) in New York City.
  • Booking a Program Package is optional. Although highly recommended, it is not a prerequisite to attending the conference (the 22nd Session of The Youth Assembly).
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Rooted in Friendship Ambassadors Foundation’s cultural exchange programs, The Youth Assembly brings together people from different backgrounds in an atmosphere of unity and collaboration. The Youth Assembly embodies diversity on a mass, international scale with majority of delegates coming from all over the world. To facilitate knowledge-sharing, cultural exchange, and action beyond the conference, FAF offers a variety of program packages that provide additional learning and networking opportunities. The programs, activities, and events included in these packages allow delegates and observers to learn from each other, gain new skills, and collaborate with peers and mentors in a truly engaging and dynamic environment.

In addition to programs aimed at enriching experience in both practical and inspiring ways, package participants enjoy pre-arranged accommodations, meals, transportation, and other services during their stay in the United States, which provides convenience and safety for participants traveling abroad.


The programs include a series of seminars, institutional site visits, and exclusive special events to facilitate knowledge-sharing, cultural exchange, and action beyond the conference.

 The programs allow participants to:

  • Link with leading organizations that provide tools, knowledge, and resources

  • Fuel their passion and work on critical issues confronting their communities

  • Join important dialogue with key players in global development efforts

  • Create solutions and drive action on global development

  • Get access to opportunities to develop and utilize their skills in taking real action that makes lasting impact

  • Gain a multifaceted understanding of sustainable development

  • Develop and apply practical skills to become a globally insightful leader

  • Learn tools for how to create impact

  • Discover and practice principles behind social innovation

  • Broaden perspectives about cultural values and global issues

  • Build an action network of peers and mentors

  • Appreciate culture and history of significant landmarks across three various states in the United States


Social Ventures for Sustainable Development

New Jersey • August 6 - 9, 2018

The Social Ventures for Sustainable Development (SVSD) Seminar is an intensive university certificate-based program co-developed and delivered by Fairleigh Dickinson University (FDU), which aims to teach participants hands-on skills in creating and developing a social venture business project.

Highlights →

  • Discover the beautiful and green campus of FDU, a university associated with the United Nations since its inception in 1945.

  • Work with Peer Mentors who will guide and advise participants with their projects prior to and during the seminar.

  • Engage with senior executives of a top global innovative company committed to implementing the SDGs during a visit to its headquarters.

  • Enjoy a trip to a local urban farm to see how New Jersey is finding innovative ways to support green living initiatives through education and action in its communities.

  • Pitch your best Social Venture Proposal for the opportunity to be recognized and featured at the Youth Assembly.


The 22nd Session of The Youth Assembly

New York • August 9 - 14, 2018

The 22nd Session of The Youth Assembly is the centerpiece of The Youth Assembly experience. It gathers hundreds of delegates from all over the countries to discuss and engage in global issues with leaders and experts from different sectors. Beyond the access to the conference, Program Packages participants are also invited to attend exclusive activities for a more enriched and comprehensive experience, which provide participants with extraordinary opportunities to network and showcase cultures through music and arts.

Highlights →

  • Join young leaders from around the world in tackling global issues and solutions toward sustainable development

  • Explore historic and world-class venues around the UN Headquarters through an arranged UN Guided Tour.

  • At the Permanent Mission Visit & Briefing, learn first hand the work of a UN Permanent Mission towards achieving the SDGs together with the Mission’s diplomats.

  • Explore the New York City Landmarks and experience its culture and beauty by participating in the Youth Assembly Photo Contest: capturing the moment through pictures.

  • Join in the Culture Celebration Night, participate in a variety showcase through music, arts, and traditional performances with fellow delegates from around the world.

  • Experience a formal networking opportunity at the Youth Assembly Gala with speakers and special guests from partner organizations and Permanent Missions.

  • Enjoy dinner and dancing at Cruise Party Night, while taking in the NYC skyline – a most favorite and memorable experience for participants.

  • Put words into action through Volunteer Service by working with peers to give back to the community and create change for a better world.


District of Columbia: Global Development Leadership Seminar

Washington, D.C. • August 14 - 17, 2018

This program provides participants the opportunity to walk into local, national, and global institutions to interact with experts from various sectors, and to experience how the implementation of SDGs is approached locally and globally.

Highlights →

  • Spend a day at World Bank and get a chance to attend a seminar to discuss global issues with expert speakers.

  • Learn how UNA-USA/UN Foundation, a local UN membership organization, is dedicated to supporting the ideals and vital work of the UN, and explore opportunities to get involved.

  • Tour the US Capitol, the home of the United States Congress, and the seat of the legislative branch of the U.S. federal government where the most significant public policy decisions are taken.


A curated variety of packages to enrich experience in both practical and inspiring ways

The Program Packages - Premier Package, Academic Package, Metropolitan Package, and Core Package - consist of various programs that take place across three prominent cities in the United States: Social Ventures for Sustainable Development Seminar in New Jersey; The 22nd Session of The Youth Assembly in New York City; Global Development Leadership Seminar in Washington, D.C. In addition to these programs, the Program Packages also include other services such as meals, accommodation, transportation between venues, admissions to all side activities and special events, exclusive souvenirs, guidance throughout itinerary, and much more.

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Young leaders and changemakers aged 16 to 28

Be part of The Youth Assembly’s global network of youth taking action on some of the world’s most pressing issues.

Who attend as Delegates?

We bring together youth between the age 16-28 who are eager to make a difference or actively committed in the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals in their countries.

Can applicants 29 or older apply?

We also welcome applicants who are older than 28 to apply as an Observer.

Is there a language requirement?

All events at The Youth Assembly are carried out in English. Interpretation services (including sign languages) may be arranged with an external agency at a cost to the participant.

Is there a scholarship?

Unfortunately, there is no scholarship available at this time. We suggest applicants to check local organizations for sources of subsidy and support. You can also utilize our fundraising guide, which provides suggestions to help with self-funding efforts.

Applications are now closed.