UPDATE: The Peer Mentorship program is not currently available for the 2018 Winter Youth Assembly. If you wish to stay in touch regarding future opportunities, please subscribe to our mailing list.

Available only during Summer Editions

Peer Mentorship

Friendship Ambassadors Foundation recognizes the value of mentorship as an important component in preparing and growing youth to become leaders and changemakers of today. The Peer Mentorship Program allows Youth Assembly delegates to connect with experienced young leaders and entrepreneurs who have developed their own successful social ventures. 

Peer Mentorship during the Youth Assembly

If you are interested in developing a social venture project for social good, transform that interest into a concrete plan of action with the guidance of peer mentors at the Youth Assembly. During the conference, Youth Assembly delegates are given the opportunity to receive personal advice and support from Youth Assembly peer mentors.

How it works?

Conference participants can sign-up for a one-on-one 15-minutes peer mentoring session with a Peer Mentor of their choice.

Registered delegates and observers will receive an email that provide further instruction on how they can select a peer mentor and schedule a session.

IMPORTANT: Participants should choose only one time slot and one Peer Mentor. Rescheduling is not available regardless if the appointments are missed or personal schedules have changed. Peer mentoring sessions are on a first come first serve basis. Space is limited.

Peer Mentorship during the SVSD Seminar

For the participants of the Premier and Academic packages, you will have the opportunity to get in touch with the peer mentors and get their advise on your social venture ideas ahead of the conference.

This peer mentorship initiative during the SVSD Seminar aims to:

  • Strengthen the participants’ understanding of social innovation and what makes a social venture successful
  • Improve participants’ communication and presentation skills necessary in formulating and pitching ideas
  • Enhance the quality of the participants’ group project or proposals
  • Provide participants with opportunity for peer review of their projects or proposals

peer mentorship scope

Before the SVSD Seminar (at home)

  1. The Youth Assembly will connect you with other individuals in order to form a group of at least five members.

  2. As a group, you and your teammates will coordinate with one another to develop an idea for a social venture addressing a particular social issue.

  3. Your group will be notified with your Peer Mentor’s contact information. They will coordinate with you to find a time to meet virtually to provide advice and feedback on your social venture proposal.

During the SVSD Seminar (at FDU)

  1. During the SVSD seminar at Fairleigh Dickinson University (FDU), your Peer Mentor will meet with your group in-person and shall continue to provide insightful feedback in preparation for your presentation on the last day.

  2. On the final day of the seminar, the group with the most outstanding social venture presentation will be rewarded with the unique opportunity to feature their work in the Youth Assembly video, as well as receive special certificates from FDU.


Participants who have created their social venture projects can submit their project proposals to Resolution Social Venture Challenge for the chance to win project seed funding, life-time mentorship, or special networking opportunities. Detailed information regarding our partners' competition platforms will be announced via email. If you would like to participate in any of our partners' competitions, please take note of their specific processes and guidelines.


The Social Venture for Sustainable Development seminar is an intensive university certificate-based mini-course developed and delivered by Fairleigh Dickinson University (FDU) with the support of Friendship Ambassadors Foundation. The seminar is designed to introduce participants to the concepts, principles, and practices of social innovation in for-profit and not-for-profit sectors. Upon completion of the program, participants should be able to form or polish a social venture proposal.

IMPORTANT: Please note, the SVSD Seminar is separate from the Resolution Social Venture Challenge.  Eligible undergraduate participants are welcome to pursue both opportunities but should note that each have their own application process and guidelines.  Your participation in the SVSD Seminar will in no way influence the judging process of the Resolution Social Venture Challenge hosted at the 2017 Summer Youth Assembly.  In particular, any advice or mentorship provided at the SVSD Seminar, including that of Resolution Fellows, will not impact the decision of the Resolution judges.  The registration and application process for the Resolution Social Venture Challenge will be closed by the SVSD Seminar, so anyone interested in the Resolution Social Venture Challenge should adhere to the deadlines found here.