Huiqian Peng

Communications & Registration Intern, 2017 Winter Youth Assembly at the United Nations

"[...] The staff members at FAF were very helpful and kind. During the internship, I learned about sustainable development and many skills such as event planning, social media analysis and data filtering. In addition, I met a lot of outstanding young people working in global affairs. [...]"

Carla Alvarez-Valverde

Logistics, 2016 Summer Youth Assembly at the United Nations

"Interning at the Summer Youth Assembly was a personal and professional enriching experience. Being a team member of the organizing committee gave me a thorough understanding of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and how youth play a key role in shaping it. The logistics position was professionally fulfilling as it allowed me as an intern to gain hands on experience of coordinating all aspects of the Delegate Packages including accommodations and special events."

Louise Oelofse

Logistics Intern, 2016 Summer Youth Assembly at the United Nations

"[...] the skills that I acquired throughout my internship has allowed me to grow as a person. [...] the opportunities overall were amazing: working with large diverse group of people (people from all over the world), working inside the United Nations, meeting UN High Officials and working with Foreign Embassies to the UN. I would recommend this position to anyone who is motivated and enthusiastic."

Yvonne Cheng

Programme Intern, 2016 Summer Youth Assembly at the UN

"Our responsibility is to empower youth and yet at the same time I felt the greatest aspect of my intern experience at YA was being empowered by the most inspiring, diverse and supportive teammates and colleagues. YA gave me the opportunity to reach beyond what I thought I could do. It was definitely one of the best highlights of my Summer 2016."

Mary Tarawally

Intern, 2015 Winter Youth Assembly at the UN

"I was amazed at the level of professionalism yet humility each staff member demonstrated. Through my internship, I learned how to maneuver in an office setting and learned how to be myself with my peers...I especially enjoyed the surprise lunches, holiday presents, and the events FAF organized."