Impact Challenge 2019



Create game-changing solutions for local and global challenges

Delegates to The Youth Assembly are called to action by developing original, impactful, and innovative solutions to the social, economic, and environmental issues outlined in the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Challenge participants will design and pitch proposals for a social impact project of their own creation. Candidates with the best proposals – chosen by a panel of judges – will be awarded with seed funding and connected to resources to help launch their vision into action.

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Participants of the Impact Challenge are leaders and change-makers in their communities with an enthusiasm for social innovation.

Applicants must be Delegates of the 23rd Session of The Youth Assembly between the ages of 16 and 28, and have a clear vision for impactful change.


Apart from receiving recognition during the closing ceremony of The Youth Assembly, the winners will:

  • Be featured prominently on our platforms reaching over 40,000 people globally

  • Receive mentorship on social entrepreneurship

  • Receive seed funding from potential investors for the implementation of their projects

All semi-finalists will receive feedback during the challenge to further develop and improve their social impact project proposals.

How to apply?

Only registered Delegates of the 23rd Session of The Youth Assembly will be contacted with further details.



Stage 1: Application period TBA
Stage 2: Interview TBA
Stage 3: Final Challenge at The Youth Assembly TBA
Awarding of Winners: TBA