Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

Where does The Youth Assembly take place?

Over the course of 21 sessions, The Youth Assembly has taken place at the United Nations Headquarters and other distinctive venues in New York, USA. In keeping with our renewed commitment to creating a movement of young leaders and changemakers, we are now progressively moving towards hosting The Youth Assembly in diverse locations. The 22nd session of The Youth Assembly will take place in New York University and Hunter College in New York City, USA.

Whether at the UN or in exciting new spaces in New York City and around the world, our primary focus is to provide an intensive and enriching learning environment with access to essential resources and networks for young people to initiate sustainable action and impact.

I’d like to attend the Youth Assembly! How can I register?

Application for The Youth Assembly (Summer 2018) is currently open. There are two ways to participate; you may choose to sign up for either:

The process for either option involves three phases: Application → Registration → Final Admission

I’m 29 but I still consider myself youth. Why can’t I apply as a “Youth Assembly Delegate”?

According to the UN, the definition of youth is “more fluid than other fixed age-groups.” Various organizations have their own definition of youth. At The Youth Assembly, we do not have a strict definition of youth, but have defined a certain age range for who is considered a “Delegate” for our program planning purposes. Applicants 29 or older should apply as an observer to attend The Youth Assembly.

How are the applications evaluated?

The Applicant Questionnaire in the third page of the form will be used to evaluate your application. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and will be evaluated based on the applicant’s work or involvement, achievements, and interest in sustainable development and the United Nations.

Do I need to register for The Youth Assembly Conference option first before registering for The Youth Assembly Program Packages?

You don’t have to! The Conference and the Program Packages have separate application and registration procedures. Therefore, we suggest applicants who are interested in the Program Package option to apply through the Program Package application form directly. Delegates who are accepted for the Program Package have full admission and access to Conference (22nd Session of The Youth Assembly).

If you have already submitted an application form for the Conference option but wish to sign up for the Program Package, you can choose the upgrade option on the Program Package application form.

To expedite the application/registration process, we suggest applicants to decide between the Conference option and the Program Package option before applying, as upgrading may slow down the application/registration process.

Please note that any upgrade or change to the application/registration will only be accommodated before July 15, 2018.

What happens after I have submitted an application form?

You will receive an auto-response email shortly after you have submitted the form. This email will contain a copy of your submitted application form, as well as other important information. Please note that submission of an application form does not automatically guarantee acceptance to The Youth Assembly. Your application will be reviewed and evaluated thoroughly based on eligibility. You will receive an email regarding the status of your application (accepted, pending, rejected) on June 1, 2018. Please note that no decisions will be given prior to this date. If your application has been accepted, you will be instructed to proceed with your registration.

I need a U.S. visa to attend the event, what do I need to do?

Please note that international applicants who are based outside the United States are responsible for obtaining their own visa to travel to the US. Contact the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate to find out how. Acceptance to The Youth Assembly does NOT guarantee the issuance of a visa or admission into the United States. Visa issuance is entirely contingent on U.S. Embassy’s and Consulate’s discretion. Admission into the United States is contingent on U.S. Customs and Immigration Authorities’ discretion at the point-of-entry.

Please also note that the organizers' (Friendship Ambassadors Foundation/FAF) responsibility is limited only to supplying an invitation letter. FAF cannot make personal phone calls or requests on your behalf to specific Embassies or Consulates. Intervention with the diplomatic and consular affairs by a host organization is not possible, and reliance on such phone calls may slow your application process or decrease your chances of obtaining a visa.

I want to attend, but I am unable to afford the administration fee and other costs.

We suggest applicants to check local organizations and associations, such as the Lions or Rotary clubs in their area, for sponsorship opportunities. Former delegates have found that a search through the internet, academic scholarships, and local and national sources can also be a source of subsidy and support.

You can also utilize our fundraising guide, which provides suggestions to help with self-funding efforts.

Do you provide interpretation services during the event?

All events at The Youth Assembly are carried out in English. Interpretation services (including sign languages) may be arranged with an external agency at a cost to the participant. For inquiries, please email (for Conference) or (for Program Packages).

Are the event facilities wheelchair accessible?

Yes, all event facilities are wheelchair accessible. However, we suggest the participant to bring a caregiver/companion with him/her throughout the event.

Does my companion need to register for the event as well?

Yes, your companion will also need to register for the event. Discounted fee may be offered to the companion once the information is verified.

What happens if I am not able to finalize the registration?

Unfortunately, failure to complete the payment by the indicated deadline will result to your application and registration being withdrawn. If you need more time, you may request for extension. However, extension requests will only be approved on a case-to-case basis and with possible increased/late fee.

I want to bring a group delegation to the event. What do I need to know?

Groups are considered to be 10 people or more. Please select "Group Application" in the Conference or Program Package page and follow the instructions.

Once the group information form has been received, the group leader will receive the group members application link within three days. The group leader will be responsible for ensuring that the group members receive the group member application link and submit their applications by the indicated deadline. Decisions on the group member applications will be sent to the group leader on June 1, 2018. The group is responsible for paying the fees by the payment deadline for each group member that is accepted to attend the Youth Assembly.

Are the Terms and Conditions for Program Package the same as the Terms and Conditions for Conference?

No. Program Packages have different participation Terms and Conditions, especially regarding cancellation policy. Please read all Terms and Conditions carefully before applying.

Conference Questions

+ Is there a cost to attending the conference?

Yes. For the Conference option, an administration fee of $215.00 per person is due once the application is accepted. The fee is non-refundable and non-transferrable under any circumstances and for any reason. Please read the terms and conditions. You will receive an email containing instructions on how to pay the fee once your application is submitted.

+ Does the administration fee include accommodation, meals, etc.?

No. Participants who sign up for the Conference option with an administration fee of $215.00 are responsible for their own travel arrangements, including accommodation, meals, flight, airport transfers, and visa application fees.

Participants can choose to sign up for the Youth Assembly Program Package option, which includes accommodation, meals, and learning, networking opportunities, as well as the conference. The Youth Assembly Program Package requires the Program Package fee (varies depending on the type of the package) once the application is accepted. If you wish to learn more about the Program Package and its refund policy, go here.

+ I’ve already paid the the administration fee. What if I decide to cancel my application/registration? Will I get a refund?

Please note that the administration fee is non-refundable and non-transferrable under any circumstances and for any reason. These circumstances and reasons may include, but are not be limited to, application withdrawal by applicant, registrant cancellation, medical condition, or denial of visa application with U.S. embassies. Please read the terms and conditions here.

+ I’ve already paid the administration fee, but my visa application got denied. Will I get a refund?

Please note that the administration fee is non-refundable and non-transferrable under any circumstances and for any reason. These circumstances and reasons may include, but are not be limited to, application withdrawal by applicant, registrant cancellation, medical condition, or denial of visa application with U.S. embassies. Please read the terms and conditions here.

+ What happens after I have finalized my registration?

You will receive a formal admission letter, which you will need to present to the YA Representative during check-in (before the conference formally starts). Please expect to receive updates from time-to-time regarding the check-in information and conference agenda, as well as many exciting opportunities for the participants, brought to you by our partners.

If you have applied for a visa, please notify us first about its status on or before July 13, 2018. You will receive your formal admission letter once you have confirmed your visa status.

+ What is the difference between Early-Bird and Regular registration?

Early-bird Delegates/Observers will be the first to receive an invitation to sign-up for a visit and briefing at a Permanent Mission to the United Nations. Spaces are very limited.

+ I have applied for the Conference and would like to upgrade to the Program Package. What shall I do next?

Please go to the Program Package page. Review all Program Package application instructions, and fill out the application form for the Program Package. Select “Yes, I've already filled out an application and would like to make an upgrade.” on the application form. We will be able to assist you with your upgrade request as soon as we receive your application form for the Program Package.

Please note, upgrade or change to the application/registration will only be accommodated before July 15, 2018.

Program Package Questions

+ Is the Program Package a prerequisite to attending the conference?

No, booking a Program Package is optional. Although highly recommended, it is not a prerequisite or requirement to attend the conference (the 22nd Session of The Youth Assembly) in New York City.

+ I got accepted/paid for the Program Package, but I would like to switch to the Conference. What shall I do next?

Unfortunately, if you would like to switch to the Conference only, your registration for the Program Package will be cancelled and the appropriate cancellation fees will be applied according to the Program Package Terms & Conditions. You will have to re-apply by submitting the application form and the administration fee for the conference only. Thus, we advise you to make the selection carefully before you sign up.

+ What is the cost of booking a Program Package?

The cost information is available under each Program Package site. To book a Program Package, accepted applicant will be required to pay:

  • The 1st installment of $250 per person by June 15, 2018 This payment is required to process the registration and reserve a space for the Program Package.
  • The 2nd installment for the remaining balance payment of a selected Program Package by June 29, 2018. This payment is required to complete the registration and receive admission to the Program Package.

+ What does the Program Package cost cover?

The Program Package cost is collected by Friendship Ambassadors Foundation (the organizer), in order to cover the costs of administration, service arrangement, and management of the event, which include but are not limited to staff support, service arrangements such as lodging, transportation, meals, venues, supplies, logistics, programming, security requirements, and other event service related costs.

Please note that the United Nations, US embassies, Permanent Missions or any of FAF’s program partners are not in any way involved in the Youth Assembly Program Package application or registration processes.

+ Is the Program Cost refundable?

In the event of cancellation, the 1st installment is non-refundable as the fee is collected to cover FAF’s administrative cost for reviewing, processing of applications, issuing documents, and reserving services from vendors; A proportion of the 2nd installment may be refunded if cancellation is made more than 2 weeks prior to the program. Please carefully read the detailed refund policy in the terms and conditions.

+ What if I’m not able to pay the 1st installment by June 15, 2018?

The 1st installment amount will increase to $350 per person if the payment is submitted during the late registration period between June 15, 2018 and July 1, 2018.

+ The remaining balance payment is due soon, but I have not received my visa. What shall I do?

We advise registrants to update us on their visa application status by the payment deadline. In case visa has not been granted by the deadline, we suggest registrants to not submit the remaining balance payment to avoid a high cancellation fee in case of visa denial. We are not able to reserve the slot of an accepted applicant if complete payment is not received by the deadline, and a cancellation notice will be sent to registrants. However, we will do our best if there is still space available to resume an applicant’s registration when he/she obtain a visa and is ready to submit the balance payment before the event. Please note that the 1st installment will not be refunded under any circumstances.

+ My parent/companion is not a registrant, can he/she get access to the event and/or stay in the same dorm/hotel room with me?

Your parent/companion must register as an Observer in order to gain access to the event.