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Distinguished Youth Speaker

Delegates and Observers have the opportunity to be selected as a panelist in various sessions throughout the conference.



speaking opportunity

Applicants can state their interest to have a speaking role at the flagship conference. Shortlisted candidates will be selected from the accepted Delegates of the 22nd Session of The Youth Assembly. Distinguished Youth Speaker/s will be identified out of the shortlisted candidates and will be contacted for further discussion.


1. Interested individuals should fill out the application form and answer the required questionnaire carefully and to the best of their ability. To be eligible, the applicant should be a Delegate or Observer for the current session of the Youth Assembly. Important: Please note that separate submissions via email or any means other than the application form will not be considered.

2. Responses to the questionnaire will be reviewed based on the applicant's public speaking experiences as well as expertise, achievements, or impactful work.

3. The most suitable candidates will be contacted via email for further discussion.


An ideal candidate must:

Expertise and Public Speaking Skills

  • Have a demonstrated expertise in a particular topic/issue in the agenda
  • Have charisma and exceptional public speaking skills
  • Possess integrity and have a good reputation within and outside his/her community

Professional Experience

  • Have proven experience of playing an active role towards social action and/or sustainable development solutions
  • Have unparalleled experience working with various sectors or organizations towards serving and improving his/her community

Unique Achievements

  • Have unique contributions to his/her community
  • Have proven track record of exceptional achievements related to a particular topic/issue in the agenda

Applications are now closed.