Distinguished Youth Speaker



Represent and amplify youth voices at The Youth Assembly

Each session of The Youth Assembly, a select number of highly distinguished Youth Delegates will be nominated to serve as speakers and spokespersons for the youth delegation at conference sessions. Applicants to the conference can state their interest in having a speaking role in their application. Shortlisted candidates from the accepted delegates of the 23rd Session will be contacted for an interview.

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The Role

Serving as a Distinguished Youth Speaker at The Youth Assembly is not only an exciting opportunity to share your work, ideas, policy recommendations and achievements at a program conference session, but also a serious commitment to act as a spokesperson for the Youth Delegates in attendance. The role will include:

Preparing and delivering an engaging, thoughtful and substantive speech alongside a panel at one of The Youth Assembly conference sessions. Accepted candidates will be placed on a panel for a session with a topic that matches their own work.

  • Speeches should cover the Delegate’s own experiences, but also the wider implications of the topic at hand for young people, as well as specific recommendations of new policy or action solutions.

  • The main points and recommendations within the speeches should be summarized, written up, and submitted to The Youth Assembly Program Team in advance.

  • Following the speeches, conference sessions will have a period of open Q&A and discussion. Distinguished Youth Speakers should be prepared to take questions, and also note down the leading concerns and recommendations of a new policy or action among fellow Youth Delegates.

  • After the event, speakers will be expected to write a brief summary of the opinions and recommendations of youth encountered during the discussion. These will be drafted together after the conference to form a new youth resolution document, which can then be submitted to relevant stakeholders in the fields of youth and the SDGs.

  • In addition to having the speaking opportunity, Distinguished Youth Speakers will be recognized for their work during the conference at the Closing Ceremony and on The Youth Assembly website.

Selection Process

1. Interested individuals should fill out The Youth Assembly 23rd Session application form and indicate that they would like to be considered for a speaking role. (Indication should be noted under the question: “If you are selected as a Delegate, which opportunities would you like to take part in? You may check all that apply.”)

2. Applicants must answer the required questionnaire thoroughly, carefully and to the best of their ability. To be eligible for the role, the applicant must be accepted as a Delegate. Important: Please note that separate submissions via email or any means other than the application form will not be considered.

3. Responses to the questionnaire will be reviewed based on the applicant's expertise, scale of achievements, and track record of action and impactful work within one of the topics under the UN Sustainable Developments Goals. In addition, public speaking skill and past experiences will be highly considered (If available, applicants are encouraged to include links to previous speeches in their application).

3. The most suitable candidates for the role will be contacted via email for an interview, and may be asked to submit additional materials about their work.

4. Accepted candidates will be informed by email, and will communicate with the YA Program Team to discuss their role and prepare their speech.


An ideal candidate should have the following:

Expertise and Experience

  • Have a demonstrated expertise in a particular topic/issue covered by the UN SDGs.

  • Possess integrity and have a good reputation within and outside his/her community.

  • Have proven experience of playing a highly active role towards social action, and/or sustainable development solutions that will impact large numbers of people.

  • Have extensive experience working with various sectors or organizations towards serving and improving his/her community, or a broader social community.

  • Have knowledge of the impact of your topic on youth globally, and learned thoughts and ideas on possible future action or solutions.

Unique Achievements

  • The Youth Assembly receives many extraordinary delegates, candidates for a speaking role should have unique and innovative contributions to his/her community, above and beyond regular expectations.

  • Have a proven track record of exceptional achievements related to a particular topic/issue within the SDGs, to the extent that your work can serve as an example to others.

Public Speaking and Writing Skills

  • Have charisma and exceptional public speaking skills.

  • Ability to communicate complex issues and solutions both in writing and to a live audience.

  • Excellent writing skills, and experience in drafting up formal documents, plans or policy recommendations