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The Youth Assembly Ambassadors Program is geared toward undergraduate and graduate students, as well as individuals who are part of organizations that have previously attended The Youth Assembly and are looking to increase representation from their respective communities.


  • Must currently be pursuing an undergraduate, graduate or postgraduate degree from a recognized academic institution during the present academic year OR affiliated with or represent an organization with similar mission of The Youth Assembly
  • Has an active leadership or membership role in the school or community
  • Demonstrates commitment to youth empowerment and the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Self-starter and social media savvy
  • Excellent communication and coordination skills
  • Has attended The Youth Assembly as a youth delegate or observer


The Youth Assembly Ambassadors will be responsible in disseminating information regarding The Youth Assembly in their local communities and networks through varied means (i.e. information sessions, marketing collaterals, social media). They will also be in charge of nominating youth to become delegates for The Youth Assembly, as well as facilitating the registration of their nominees. 

The Youth Assembly Ambassadors will be provided with official promotional materials for The Youth Assembly, but they will have the leeway to develop their own strategy on how to engage other young people in joining the next Youth Assembly.


  • Be recognized as a pioneer in your community
  • Play an important role in bringing young people from your local community to the global arena
  • Be featured in The Youth Assembly’s large social networks*
  • Potential speaking opportunities in sessions at The Youth Assembly
  • Receive discounts or stipend to support this undertaking* 
  • Receive complimentary conference and package fee waivers*

*Conditions apply


The YA Ambassadors will be recognized based on their work and efforts made in promoting The Youth Assembly, quality of nominee applications submitted following procedures, and overall delegation they will be bringing to the next session of The Youth Assembly. Successful YA Ambassadors will also receive a printed certificate of appreciation. 

Level of Recognition

Category/Level of Recognition* YA Website Program Booklet Social Media Special mention
at the YA
Outstanding YA Ambassador
Esteemed YA Ambassador
YA Ambassador
*Effective as of April 19, 2018

How to become The Youth Assembly Ambassador?

In order to become a YA Ambassador, you must fulfill the two-step application process, which includes a written application and an informational interview. Interested applicants should fill out and submit an application form for consideration. Only accepted candidates shall receive an interview request from the staff. If the interview is successful, further information and instructions will be provided to the YA Ambassador.

Due to a large volume of applications, only selected applicants will be notified with an interview invite after passing the initial screening process. 


  • April 19 - 30, 2018: Application period
  • Interviews will be held on a rolling basis until May 7, 2018
  • May 9, 2018: All accepted applicants will be notified

For queries, contact us at yaopportunities@faf.org.



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