Marline Hernandez


Instituto Politécnico Nacional, Mexico


Marline Hernandez is an indigenous young woman from Oaxaca, Mexico. She is pursuing a master in Public Policies of Development in the Instituto Politécnico Nacional and a master in Human Rights in the Universidad Iberoamericana. Her personal agenda is to create a sustainable world, thus she founded "Liga por los ODS" a network of young committed to promote and implement the SDGs in Latin America and the Caribbean. She strongly believes that individual actions make a difference, but joint actions change the world. This is why she always generates bridges and alliances among people. She advocates for women, young, and indigenous rights, giving a voice to the voiceless and representing her country across the world.

At The Youth Assembly, I have learned that we do not need to be a president to make a change in the world; we can do it even as a young person. We ought to take action now in order to shape our future and the world we want.
— Marlen Hernandez

Abdulrahman J. Al-Timani


George Mason University, Virginia, USA


Abdulrahman J. Al-Timani is a social activist and a highly motivated young Saudi leader. He moved to Washington DC in 2017 to pursue his Master's degree in Public Administration at George Mason University. Al-Timani believes that it’s not about living forever but creating the things that will. Therefore, he is obsessed with excellence and continuously improving himself from its faults and positively impact his circle of influence.

A better life for human beings is what he wants to achieve in his life, he practiced that through his participation as a member of more than 15 local and international social development organizations and as a leader of more than 38 social welfare-oriented type of campaigns, programs, and initiatives. Recently, Abdulrahman founded “Fasilah”, it’s a non-profit organization that aims to promote sustainable development in society via creative and modern programs that target youth from all around the world.

President Franklin Roosevelt once said: “We cannot always build a future for our youth, but we can always build our youth for the future.” And I believe that the Youth Assembly is a global platform and an incubator that is building international leaders which will shape the future of the world.
— Abdulrahman J. Al-Timani

Harjas Kaur Grewal


The University of Western Ontario, Canada


I am a passionate, active, and youth-orientated leader specializing in the humanitarian aid field. My main occupation is a student at the University of Western Ontario alongside working in various media companies and start-ups as a leader, writer, and consultant. I recently completed my Urban Humanitarian Emergencies certificate from Harvard University and my time as a Youth Delegate at the Youth Assembly. Most recently, I am working as the marketing lead for Spur Fashion Show 2018, Campus Ambassador for the United Nations (YA) and Co-Founder of the mobile application ContourMe.

The Youth Assembly was an engaging and wonderful experience. I discovered more about myself as a vessel of change in those few days than I ever did.
— Harjas Kaur Grewal

Suaad Al-Hammadi


Higher Colleges of Technology, UAE Ras Al Khaimah


Suaad Al-Hammadi, a young professional working at Ministry of Presidential Affairs H.H the President Initiatives Sheikh Khalifa Specialty Hospital (SKSH) in the United Arab Emirates. She is a graduate from the Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT), B.A Applied Science majoring in Security and Forensics. She holds the title of a Youth Ambassador to South Korea. And has the opportunity to work closely with decision makers in her country, and take part in numerous national programs.

She is the winner of the “UAE Outstanding Youth Award 2015”, awarded by H.H Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in the UAE. Following the Youth Assembly Summer 2017, she started working on a project devoted to Syrian youth refugees to provide them with equality education and opportunities. She aspires to hold a major role in leading Sustainable Development in the UAE and promoting her country and its culture to the world in its finest images. 

The Youth Assembly inspired me to work towards a better world, to embrace our differences and always help those in need.
— Suaad Al-Hammadi

Louise Mabulo


University of the Philippines Open University


Louise is an award-winning chef, entrepreneur, agriculture advocate, public speaker, competitive archer and a student at the University of the Philippines Open University. She promotes sustainable agriculture, farm-to-table cuisine and works toward inspiring the youth to become game changers.

From the United Kingdom, Louise migrated to a rural area in the Philippines, where she runs her own farm and Culinary Lounge. There, she perceived the importance of ensuring food security and supporting the indigenous farmers of her locality. Consequently, she established her venture, The Cacao Project, aiming to promote agriculture, fair trade, reforestation, while providing farmers with a sustainable, high-income livelihood. At the Winter Youth Assembly in 2017, Louise won an award from the Resolution Project for her social venture, The Cacao Project.

Louise is a graduate of Social Entrepreneurship at the Watson Institute Philippines, Ambassador of Operation Smiles Philippines, Breville Philippines, and the Department of Tourism’s Flavors of the Philippines.

My life was instantly transformed when I witnessed the Youth Assembly unfold. It is a platform where I met driven thinkers, creators, game-changers and believers who shared an invigorating amount of fierce energy to be a part of building a better world. It is a place where you can cultivate empathy, wisdom, and skills in such a short span of time. The Youth Assembly is a place where dreams turn into plans, which slowly materialize to reality. Suddenly achieving the Social Development Goals seemed all that much more realizable, and I was able to leave with positive experiences, learnings, skills and a better grip on the world around me.
— Louise Mabulo

Yatin Kumar


Shoolini University, India


I am Yatin Kumar from the Gujjar tribe in India. I am a 22-year-old undergraduate student of BIO-Engineering in Food Technology at Shoolini University, India and I am also current student ambassador of my university’s International office. I am the youngest Asian to be a part of Sakura Science Club in Japan. I am a very active member of my society. For me, the "Education for All" agenda is the most important issue. I take classes on Sundays and during the holidays to help the poor kids in doing homework. Aside from teaching them formal education, I focus on creating awareness about the importance of education, environmental issues, and human health and hygiene among the kids. I also won the Rising Star of the Year award in 2017. I call everyone to wake up and educate yourselves and don’t forget to educate others, especially the needy.

Words fail me to express the huge impact that the Youth Assembly has had on me. It was the best experience of my life and I could never get over the feeling I had walking into the General Assembly Hall. It was a truly unique experience for me.
— Yatin Kumar

Susana Sakamoto Machado


São Paulo State University, Brazil


Susana Sakamoto Machado is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in International Relations at São Paulo State University (UNESP). She was recognized as an Outstanding Youth Assembly Ambassador in the General Assembly in 2018 due to her efforts to increase Brazilian representativity in the Conference. Before she became an Ambassador, in April 2017, Brazil was not yet part of the Assembly. In one year, she has led two delegations, totalizing 80 people. She is also the first Brazilian to be awarded the Resolution Fellowship. Susana is the Founder and President of Write Your Future, a non-profit organization which prepares teenage orphans for adult life and career-readiness, focusing on self-knowledge and financial independence. She began her project when she was 18, with only one more volunteer. In less than two years, she started to scale up Write Your Future to other Brazilian cities and one other continent, Asia. Susana is also the founder of the Scholarship Program "Jovens na ONU", which stands for inclusion and representativity in the Brazilian Delegation in the YA by giving the opportunity for underprivileged youths who are leading initiatives of great social impact to attend the Youth Assembly and expand their achievements in Brazil.

I firmly believe that young people have a tremendous capacity and the tools to make positive change in society today. Leadership is about creating more leaders, therefore offering the opportunities for youth is a vital step to sustainable development.
— Susana Machado

Naomi Ekpoki


The Senema Love Foundation

Naomi Ekpoki.png

Naomi Ekpoki is a 20-year-old youth leader, an education activist, and a humanitarian, whose work focuses on children's education. Through her non-governmental Organization, The Senema Love Foundation, she raises funds for financially-challenged primary and secondary school children. 

She believes every child has a right to quality education and is passionate about putting an end to child poverty and ensuring every child receives quality education. Her organization provides scholarships, trauma care, skills acquisition, food, clothes, school supplies, teaching aids and voluntary teaching services to underprivileged children, particularly surviving victims of terrorist insurgency in Nigeria.

She raises awareness to the general public on the need for education and is also involved in advocating for girls of school age who suffer from Vesico Vaginal Fistula (VVF) due to early marriage or female genital mutilation.

Naomi was the winner of the star prize at the Future Africa Leaders Awards, 2017 and she is a recipient of several other awards and recognition internationally and in her Nation. She is currently a final year student of Electrical and Information Engineering at Covenant University Nigeria.

Through The Youth Assembly, I was inspired to increase youth involvement in the implementation of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.
— Naomi Ekpoki