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The Youth Assembly

Our Story

We have pioneered the largest global gathering of young leaders at the United Nations Headquarters


The Youth Assembly (YA) was created in 2002 to amplify youth engagement and participation in international dialogues at the United Nations. Rooted in Friendship Ambassadors Foundation (FAF)’s expertise in cultural exchange, The Youth Assembly fosters mutual understanding and collaboration between youth and key stakeholders in global development to support the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

For more than a decade, The Youth Assembly has been a champion for the United Nations, serving as an essential platform to engage and mobilize youth in the UN’s Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), the highly participatory Post-2015 process, and the recently-adopted 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Over the course of 21 consecutive sessions, The Youth Assembly continues to break new grounds by educating and inspiring tens of thousands of young people and generating countless youth-led projects around the world. 

Today, The Youth Assembly is the longest-running and largest youth forum in the UN Headquarters in New York – tackling groundbreaking solutions and fostering real action for sustainable development.

*Please note that the venue for the 22nd Session of The Youth Assembly will be announced in July 2018. Read FAQs.