Opportunities for Delegates/Observers

Delegates and observers gain exclusive access to opportunities in addition to sessions
to maximize their impact and help them take the next steps beyond the conference.

For inquiries, please email yaopportunities@faf.org.

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Outstanding Youth Delegate

Shortlisted candidates will be selected from the accepted youth delegates of the 2018 Winter Youth Assembly.

After a rigorous selection process, two (2) Outstanding Youth Delegates will be identified out of the shortlisted candidates and will be awarded at the closing session. Each of the winners will be awarded with the unique opportunity to speak on the podium regarding their commitment to global development and the success of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and will be highlighted on the Youth Assembly website and various social media platforms.

Selection Procedure

1. All applicants should answer the required questionnaire (Part 2 on the application form) carefully and to the best of their ability. To be eligible, the applicant should be 16-28 years old as of February 14, 2018 and have been accepted as a delegate for the current session of the Youth Assembly. Please find copy of the questionnaire here.

IMPORTANT: Please note that separate submissions via email or any means other than the application form will not be considered.

2. Responses to the questionnaire will be reviewed and evaluated based on the applicant's unique perspective, demonstrated understanding and commitment towards global development and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Friendship Ambassadors Foundation will identify and select the top most promising questionnaire submissions out of all accepted delegate applications.

3. Shortlisted candidates will be notified and provided further instructions via email from January 5-16, 2018. Candidates will be required to present any form of evidence that supports their application during the next round of selection. All candidates will then undergo the first round of interviews, which will assess the characteristics, skills, experience, and achievements of each candidate. Only a few will be contacted back for a final interview, which will culminate to the selection of the 2 winners.

Qualities of an Outstanding Youth Delegate

An outstanding youth delegate should:

Characteristics and Skills

  • Have a global perspective
  • Have a demonstrated understanding and commitment towards global development and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
  • Have charisma and exceptional public speaking skills
  • Demonstrate great self-awareness and a desire for self-improvement and learning
  • Possess integrity and have a good reputation within and outside his/her community


  • Exemplify excellent leadership capabilities with proven experience of playing an active role towards social action and/or sustainable development solutions
  • Have unparalleled experience working with various sectors or organizations towards serving and improving his/her community, as well as promoting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


  • Have unique contributions to his/her community
  • Have proven track record of exceptional achievements related to youth engagement, social action and/or sustainable development solutions
  • Possess remarkable potential in contributing to the success of global development and the Sustainable Development Goals

Timeline (Updated)

  • 16 October 2017 - 15 January 2018: Conference and Delegate Package registration period
  • 5 - 16 January 2018 (Updated: 5 - 22 January 2018): Shortlisted candidates will be notified via email on a rolling basis 
  • 10 - 18 January 2018 (Updated: 10 - 24  January 2018): Shortlisted candidates interviews (Round 1)
  • 19 January 2018 (Updated: 24 January 2018): Top shortlisted candidates will be notified via email for interviews 
  • 22 - 24 January 2018 (Updated: 25 - 29 January 2018): Top shortlisted candidates interviews (Round 2)
  • 25 January 2018 (Updated: 30 January 2018): Outstanding Youth Delegate Award Winners will be notified via email
  • 16 February 2018: Awarding of Outstanding Youth Delegates


COMPETITION for Undergraduate Students

12th Resolution Social Venture Challenge

Are you an undergraduate with an idea for a new social venture? Do you need money and mentorship to turn that idea into reality? Pitch your idea in the Resolution Social Venture Challenge at the Youth Assembly!

What is the Resolution Social Venture Challenge?

The Resolution Social Venture Challenge (SVC) is a multi-step competition designed to inspire undergraduate students to propose impactful, socially-responsible projects that address pressing social issues around the world. SVC Winners are provided lifelong Resolution Fellowship!

What is a Resolution Fellowship?

A Resolution Fellowship is a unique and full ecosystem of support for aspiring young social entrepreneurs, including seed-funding, mentorship, resources, and access to a global community of like-minded peers.

There are currently over 300 Resolution Fellows working in 70 countries in diverse, high-impact fields such as human rights, energy, environment, education, technology, and community development. In the past year, select Resolution Fellows have been featured in the first ever United Nations Youth Solution Report, Forbes 30 under 30, Shark Tank, and on-stage with U.S. President Clinton!

How can you participate in the SVC?

  1. Are you eligible? SVC participation is only open to undergraduate Youth Assembly attendees. Venture ideas must not have received prior institutional funding or support and should be in the early stages of implementation.

  2. Submit your venture proposal! Registration links will be emailed to all undergraduate Youth Assembly attendees. Individuals and teams can then sign-up and complete a multi-step proposal outlining their proposed social venture’s implementation and sustainability. (Step 1 Deadline: Jan. 16; Step 2 Deadline: Jan. 23; Step 3 Deadline: Feb. 6)

  3. Pitch in the SVC Forum (Feb. 14th, 10am-12pm): Semifinalists will showcase their proposed venture to students and judges in an informal, science fair-like setting.  Please note, the Forum takes place during Youth Assembly registration and prior to most conference programming. In order to be eligible for a Resolution Fellowship, you must participate in the Forum, so please plan travel accordingly.

  4. Pitch in the SVC Finals (Feb. 15th, 1-3pm):  Finalists will give formal presentations about their ventures, followed by question and answer sessions with a panel of judges.

Contact Us

All undergraduate students who register for Youth Assembly will receive details on how to register. If you do not receive an email, please reach out to svc@resolutionproject.org.

Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter and Instagram, or check out website.


Opportunity for Delegates/Observers

Thought For Food Challenge and Workshop

We Are Thought For Food

TFF copy.png

Who We Are

Thought For Food (TFF) is the world’s leading organization dedicated to engaging and empowering the next generation of leaders to feed 9+ billion people by 2050.

Established in 2013,  our non-profit Foundation organizes the TFF Challenge and TFF Summit to engage young innovators and empower them to build new solutions through a program of intense training and mentorship. TFF’s community has grown to comprise 8000 next generation innovators in 130 countries. These young leaders help TFF scale positive impact by developing bold ideas and open and collaborative frameworks for innovation.

What We Do

We help young innovators around the world master their inherent entrepreneurial skills, as well as strengthen and amplify their personal talents. We offer them a platform to develop and implement new solutions that make a tangible impact. We provide access to a diverse, global network that helps them tell their stories, accelerate their ideas and projects, and advocate their values, perspectives and ways of working.

Our open and collaborative environment allows diverse people to engage with and learn from each other, and to seek answers without allowing existing practices or assumptions restrict them. We don’t push a specific agenda or point of view.

At TFF, we:

  • Engage and empower the next generation
  • Provide an independent platform with open training tools and curriculum
  • Incentivize, fund and maximize the impact of socially-oriented ventures from around the world.
  • Unite diverse thinkers and doers to solve big problems
  • Experiment with new business and collaboration approaches
  • Connect corporations and organizations with next generation leaders to solve the industry’s talent development, reputation and innovation challenges

How We Do It

There are three pillars within the TFF program:

  • TFF Challenge: our annual incentive prize competition attracts young people passionate about feeding 9+ Billion people by 2050, and allows them to channel their creativity and passion towards developing solutions for food and agriculture.
  • TFF Summit: our flagship event amplifies our movement by bringing together all kinds of stakeholders to learn from and inspire each other, and launch new ideas into the world.
  • TFF Community: our people are fundamental to all the work we do, and our rapidly expanding network has grown to comprise corporate, science, policy, investor and social impact leaders, as well as students and young professionals.


  • Over the past 5 years, our small team has accomplished remarkably big things:
  • We’ve inspired 8,000 people from 130 countries to channel their passions and energies into the food and agriculture industry (and we’re growing every year).
  • We catalyze hundreds of bold new ideas each year - all coming from university-age innovators around the world.
  • We’ve helped the next generation launch more than 37 startups from locations including; Australia, Brazil, Colombia, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Uganda, the UK and the USA.
  • Our Global Summits have united 1500 of the world’s most passionate changemakers to explore and collaboratively design solutions in critical areas such as synthetic biology, vertical farming, precision agriculture, logistics, new foods and appropriate technology for smallholder farmers.
  • Our bespoke online project platform and Design Thinking Lab have trained thousands of innovators around the world in important entrepreneurial frameworks - design thinking and lean startup methodologies.
  • We’ve created a 12-week virtual and in-person startup pre-accelerator and pitch training program, and open sourced our robust curriculum to scale its reach.
  • We’ve activated 100+ expert mentors from leading organizations in a variety of sectors to advise our TFF community.
  • Our industry partners have hired from our TFF talent pool and have tapped into millennial ways of thinking and doing through workshops, focus groups and more.

Sign up for the Thought For Food Challenge

Sign ups are now open for our annual collaborative competition to find and develop the best new ideas for feeding our growing world. Taking place over the course of four months, the TFF Challenge gives you the opportunity to form a team, refine your concept, work with experienced mentors and create an attention-grabbing pitch with the help of our Design Thinking Lab. The challenge concludes with the inspiring TFF Summit.

Do you have an exciting idea about how we can grow our food more sustainably? Or a startup that’s ready to shake-up how and what we consume? Or, perhaps you simply have a passion for creating positive change? If so, you’re the perfect TFF Challenge participant.

To sign up, all you need is a great idea and a can-do attitude. Visit www.tffchallenge.com to learn more and register today! The Design Thinking Lab starts 12 February 2018, and pitches are due on 4 May 2018.

Join the TFF workshop at the Winter Youth Assembly: From idea to startup

You’re also invited to join a special Thought For Food workshop during the 2018 Winter Youth Assembly. Hosted by TFF program director Jared Yarnall-Schane, this session is designed to help transform your great idea into a promising startup.

In less than an hour and a half, you’ll discover how to launch your own social impact venture! Learn how to refine your idea, connect with your audience and attract investors. While this process is relevant for any business idea, it will give you a great head start if you want to join this year’s TFF Challenge.

Look out for an email in the coming days for more info!

Contact Us

TFF is online at www.tffchallenge.com
and on Social Media @TFFChallenge #TFFChallenge2018


Nomination for NSHSS Lifetime Membership

The National Society of High School Scholars (NSHSS) is a membership organization with a mission of recognizing academic excellence among high-achieving students. Through unique learning experiences, exclusive scholarships, valuable internships, international study opportunities and meaningful peer networks, they connect their members with resources to develop their strengths and pursue their passions.


Friendship Ambassadors Foundation may nominate high school students who have participated in Youth Assembly programs for lifetime membership with NSHSS who meet the Society’s eligibility requirements. Members must be a student in high school and must meet ANY ONE of the criteria below:

  • 1750 SAT score or higher
  • 200 PSAT score or higher
  • 26 ACT score or higher
  • Score 4 or higher on any Advance Placement exam
  • Score 5 or higher on any International Baccalaureate exam
  • 3.5 Cumulative GPA or higher on a 4.0 Scale
  • 4.375 Cumulative GPA or higher on a 5.0 scale
  • 5.25 Cumulative GPA or higher on a 6.0 scale
  • 90% Percentile Grade Average or higher
  • Top 10% rank in class

For more info about NSHSS, please go to their website here.

To sign up, please complete this form.


#DelegateDiaries: A Journaling Activity

Youth Assembly participants are invited to reflect and record their experiences as a delegate/observer to the Youth Assembly. Participants may choose to write down their thoughts on their personal journal or post them on their blogs or social media. Participants are encouraged to use our journal prompts to guide you through the conference.

Journal prompts

A. YA Prep

  • What do you hope to learn at the YA?

  • What is one S.M.A.R.T.* goal you want to complete while at the YA?

B. During YA

  • What session(s) did you attend?

  • What was the most interesting session today?

  • What is one unanswered question that you have from today’s session?

  • What is one thing you can do to solve a problem discussed today?

  • How did you feel about the session and what did you take away?

  • What do you hope to accomplish after the YA?

C. Post-YA

  • Write a letter to your future self

  • What is your call to action?

  • Reflecting back to when you applied for the YA, did you achieve/learn what you expected to? How so, and if not, why?

  • How have you grown as a global change-maker? What areas do you still see a need for improvement or growth?

  • What is one S.M.A.R.T.* goal you want to complete once you get home in order to continue spreading the knowledge you have learned at the YA?

*S.M.A.R.T. = Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-bound

Share your journal entries

If you wish to publish them online or on social media, make sure to use the hashtag #DelegateDiaries. We would love to learn about your experiences! You may also upload  your entries here.

Opportunity for Delegates/Observers

#60SecondsYA Video Series

What is #60SecondsYA?

#60SecondsYA is an online video series that provides a platform for Youth Assembly delegates, partners, speakers, and presenters to share their thoughts about a wide range of topics which will be tackled during the conference, including the SDGs, youth engagement, water and sanitation, clean energy, sustainable cities and communities, responsible consumption and production, wildlife conservation, social entrepreneurship, innovation, and more

Check out these videos!


Before the Conference

Step 1. Select your topic

Choose a topic that you would like to discuss in 60 seconds (or literally 1 minute!) It can be under the umbrella of any of the topics mentioned above, but feel free to be more creative and specific! We're looking for unique and refreshing insights that inform and inspire people, and motivate them into taking action.

If you're looking for a place to start, here are some ideas:

  • Pick one (or two, if you're up for it!) from the 17 Sustainable Development Goals – preferably Goals 6, 7, 11, 12, or 15. How do you plan to contribute or help advance this goal?
  • Which goal are you most passionate about and why?
  • Why is it important for the world's youth to come together and discuss global issues?
  • What do you hope to accomplish with other delegates at the Youth Assembly?
  • Why do you think it is important for youth to be engaged in the SDGs?
  • If you were a world leader in the 21st century, what is the first thing you'll want to do?
  • Why is collaboration or partnership important in achieving the SDGs?
  • Share a specific instance where youth was at the forefront of innovative solutions for SDGs.
Tip: Since the video has to be 60 seconds or less, it would be helpful to plan ahead and determine your talking points so you're prepared to tackle them in front of the camera.

Step 2. Find a Location

Once you've decided on a topic and have identified your talking points, find a quiet and well-lit location to record your video. Bring the following with you:

  • A smartphone or a video camera
  • A timer
  • #60SecondsYA on a piece of paper (handwritten or printed – you can download the image here.)

Step 3. Record your Video

Talking points, check! Location and tools, check! Now it's time to record your video. You can ask someone else to record the video for you or you can use your camera in selfie mode. The video doesn't have to be professionally recorded. As long as people can see and hear you clearly, you're good to go! While recording, make sure you're holding the piece of paper in front of the camera.

Here's a sample format:

  • Start off with a short introduction, your name, and where you're from (e.g. Hello! My name is Julia Ramirez and I'm a Youth Assembly delegate from the United States!)
  • Next, introduce the topic or question you'd like to address (e.g. For the 60 seconds with YA, I'd like to answer this question: Why is it important for the world's youth to come together and discuss global issues?) Feel free to be creative during this step. It would help attract more viewers!
  • Hit the timer once you start talking about your topic. The timer helps you refrain from going over the 60-second mark.
  • Once you reach one minute, end the video by thanking people for watching and inviting them to follow your journey to the Youth Assembly!
Tip: Be sure to face the light source so you're not "against the light"!

Step 4. Post the video on your social media Channels

Upload your video on your preferred social media channels. Add a compelling caption and don't forget to add #60SecondsYA so we can see it! We will be featuring the best entries on our social media platforms. Be sure to make the post public so we can see it on our feed.

Step 5. Build up the conversation and Have fun!

Posting the video is just the beginning of the conversation. Engage your friends and followers or encourage them to do the same.

Are you ready to spend 60 seconds with the Youth Assembly?


During the conference

During the assembly, we will be hosting the #60SecondsYA series on our social media channels, which will showcase insights and reflections of delegates and speakers participating at the conference. Our social media team will be approaching delegates before and after sessions for short interviews! The interview would entail a brief Q&A, where you will respond to a prompted question for 60 seconds. You will have time to briefly collect your thoughts and formulate your answer before we hit record.

If you are interested in learning more or have any questions, drop us a line at yamedia@faf.org.


Sample Word Cloud

Sample Word Cloud

Youth Assembly Word Cloud

Want to visually represent your voice? This is your opportunity to add your voice to hundreds of other young leaders and become a part of the 2018 Winter Youth Assembly Word Cloud.

How to participate?

All you need to do is tell us:

  • One (1) word that describes you (e.g. your strength, your passion, your dream)
  • One (1) word that describes the Youth Assembly from your perspective

Ways to participate:

  • Online by submitting your word(s) here OR;
  • In-person at the YA Word Cloud board located at the information desk during the conference

The Word Cloud will be presented during the closing ceremony of the Youth Assembly. Stay tuned!

Opportunity for students

Youth Assembly College Fair & Networking Event

The Youth Assembly College Fair is an exciting opportunity for Youth Assembly delegates from around the world to meet one-on-one with admission representatives from some of the best educational institutions in the U.S. to learn about their program offerings and potential opportunities for higher education.

Details such as date/time and venue will be sent to all registered delegates/observers.

Participating institutions:

Learn more about the participating Institutions:

How to prepare for the college fair:

  1. Do some research about the participating institutions, such as their location, programs offerings, scholarships, etc.
  2. Think about what major, degree, or academic program you're most interested in.
  3. Prepare to provide admission representatives basic information about you such as your name, address, phone number, and email address.
  4. If you can, print business cards of your own. Make sure to also obtain business cards, brochures, and other helpful materials from admission representatives to take with you!

Opportunity to Delegates

Campus Ambassadors Orientation Sessions

The Campus Ambassadors program was created as an extension to the Youth Assembly conference. This program allows past Youth Assembly participants to remain connected with Friendship Ambassadors Foundation and the Youth Assembly. A Campus Ambassador's role includes providing information about the SDGs and recruiting the next generation of YA delegates from their universities and nearby communities.

The 2018 Winter Youth Assembly participants are invited to attend the Campus Ambassador Orientation Sessions. Participants will learn about the opportunity and learn how to apply to become a Campus Ambassador for their University. 

The sessions will include insight from a panel of current Campus Ambassadors from around the world. Your journey to becoming a Campus Ambassador starts here! 

How to participate?

The schedule will be announced soon.


YA Connect

The YA Connect hopes to bring together youth delegates of similar backgrounds through informal social gatherings during the YA! Youth Assembly participants have the opportunity to connect during lunch time to meet people with shared experiences, home region, or interests in the SDGs. 

Are you doing the journaling activity? We welcome you to share your responses during any of the YA Connect sessions. 

How to participate?

The schedule will be announced soon.