Jamil Ahmad

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Mr. Jamil Ahmad is the Deputy Director of the UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) New York Office. Earlier, he was the Secretary for the Governing Bodies of UNEP based in Nairobi, Kenya (2008-14). He directed, managed and coordinated the work of the Secretariat, led the organization of the sessions of the Governing Bodies and was the focal point of UNEP’s external relations.

As Deputy Director of the New York Office of UNEP, Mr. Jamil Ahmad, among other matters, focuses on liaising with the Permanent Missions to the UN in support of UNEP’s policies and programme.

A career diplomat, Mr. Jamil Ahmad joined the Foreign Service of Pakistan in 1986 and has worked in a number of different duty stations with rich experience of bilateral and multilateral affairs, including Acting Permanent Representative to the UN agencies in Rome and Deputy Permanent Representative to UNEP in Nairobi. He participated in numerous important UN and other intergovernmental meetings, including the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD) in 2002, sessions of the UNGA, the Commission of Sustainable Development (CSD) and the Governing Councils of UNEP, UN-HABITAT and FAO. He was lead negotiator of the Group of 77 & China for Climate Change under Pakistan’s chairmanship in 2007 culminating at COP13 to UNFCCC in Bali in 2007. 

He joined UNEP in 2008. 

Mr. Jamil Ahmad holds a Master’s Degree in Political Science.

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Goal 13 Panel, Climate Action (August 10, 4:30 pm, General Assembly Hall)