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23rd Session Theme

Empowering Youth for Global Development

February 15-17, 2018 • New York City, USA

The 23rd Session of The Youth Assembly takes the theme of “Empowering Youth for Global Development”. Throughout history, young people have played crucial roles in leading national and global movements that changed the world, despite the numerous challenges that they face, such as age discrimination, underrepresentation, lack of resources and unemployment. This conference aims to address these gaps and will work towards fostering the inclusion of youth across all social and regional groups in tackling and solving global challenges.

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Why attend?

A one-stop hub for youth leadership development

  • Cultivate global awareness

  • Learn new trends and practical skills

  • Make worldwide connections

  • Take action in solving world problems

  • Speak up on critical issues

  • Lead a growing youth movement

  • Inspire others to take action

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While the extraordinary Delegates who make up The Youth Assembly come from diverse backgrounds, they all have one thing in common – their world-changing potential. Our Delegates are emerging leaders who are taking action to make a difference in their own communities and the world at large.


Regional make-up of Delegates (2016-2018)