Important Notice: Venue/Schedule Change (Second Day of Conference)

Dear Delegates, Presenters, Guests and Partners,

Due to high activity at the UN during the first week of February, our main conference sessions in the morning and afternoon of February 2nd have been moved to a venue outside of the UN Headquarters. Please note that the conference sessions in the programme remain the same, only the venue has changed for few sessions on the second day of the Youth Assembly. In addition, the closing session will now be held in the evening of February 2nd at the UN Headquarters. There will be no programme on February 3rd.

Our Youth Assembly Organizing Committee has made our best efforts in looking for the most suitable alternative to minimize the inconvenience this late notification may cause to our delegates, presenters, guests and partners.

We are pleased to announce that the main conference sessions on February 2nd will take place at the InterContinental New York Barclay Hotel. The Barclay strives to be the benchmark of sustainability in the hospitality industry. Learn more about their commitment to sustainability here. The Barclay is located within 10 minutes walking distance to the UN and 6 minutes walking distance to Grand Central Terminal.

Note for February 1st: The Youth Assembly Opening Session and afternoon breakout sessions at the UN Headquarters on February 1st will occur as scheduled.

Note for February 2nd (AM/PM sessions): Some breakout sessions will take place at the UN but with very limited seats available. With the last minute change, there wasn't sufficient time to allow delegates to select a venue of their choice. As a result, all delegates have been randomly assigned to go to either the Barclay or the UN for the morning and afternoon sessions due to limited capacity at the UN.

  • For delegates who are assigned to attend the main conference sessions at the Barclay, please make sure to wear your name badge.
  • For delegates who are assigned to attend the breakout sessions at the UN, please make sure to present your UN Pass (for February 2nd AM/PM) to UN security officers in order to enter the building.
  • For all participants, please note that due to the UN security policy, there is strictly no re-printing, changing or swapping of passes throughout the conference.

Note for February 2nd (closing session): All participants are able to attend the Youth Assembly Closing Session which will take place at the UN Headquarters in the evening of February 2nd.

Note for February 3rd: For delegates who have pre-signed up for the Permanent Mission visit and briefing program, the Mission visit schedule will remain the same.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that these changes may have caused to our delegates, presenter, guests, and partners. We thank you in advance for your kind understanding.

Sincerely yours,

The Youth Assembly Organizing Committee
Friendship Ambassadors Foundation, Inc.