Apply as an Individual

Preparing for the upcoming Youth Assembly? You may want to consider the available Youth Assembly Delegate Package, which include accommodations, meals, land transportation, and access to exclusive activities throughout the program.

To continue applying for the conference only, please read carefully the registration procedures below:


Note for applicants based outside the U.S.

Each delegate is responsible for providing a valid passport to enter the United States. Contact the nearest United States Embassy or Consulate or click here to find out whether you need a visa to enter the US.


Step 1

Applicants are required to answer a questionnaire regarding their interests in attending the Youth Assembly and their personal commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals. The applicants' answers will qualify them for the opportunity to be selected as an Outstanding Youth Delegate finalist.

Step 2

Prepare the required materials you need to enter/upload when filling out your registration form.


  • A copy of your government-issued identification card (File Max Size: 5 MB)
  • Passport number if you are applying for a visa for the purpose of this conference
  • Response to the questionnaire

Step 3

Fill out the Application Form→

Late applications will be accepted until January 6, 2017 or until slots are filled. Please note that starting December 3, 2016, a higher fee for last-minute registrations will go into effect, and the application process will be more selective.

Processing of applications normally occur within 2 weeks. However, due to the large amount of applications we receive on a daily basis, we kindly request that you only contact us regarding the status of your application if you do not receive an email after 2 weeks.

Administrative Fee*

An administrative non-refundable fee of $175.00 per person (Late Application Administrative Fee) is required once you have been accepted. Instructions on how to make a payment will be provided in an email.

*While there is no registration fee required to take part in meetings or events that take place inside the United Nations Headquarters, this tax-deductible and non-refundable fee is collected by Friendship Ambassadors Foundation (the Organizers), in order to cover the costs of administering the event, which include but are not limited to staff support, venues, logistics, security requirements, and other service fees. Check our Fundraising Guide for prospective delegates.


In case of cancellation due to visa denial or any other reasons, cancellation/refund policy will apply. Please read the terms and conditions before making a payment.


Dates to Remember

  • January 6, 2017: Late applications deadline


Need to register as a group?

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