Register 15 or more

Please note that there should be 15 or more applicants in a group to receive the group discount ($25 off per person). Please be advised that each group member is required to fill out separate forms. If your group is less than 15, you may apply individually.

Preparing for the upcoming Youth Assembly? Your group may want to consider the available Youth Assembly Delegate Package, which include accommodations, meals, land transportation, and access to exclusive evening events throughout the program.

To continue applying for the conference only, please read carefully the registration procedures below (Note: The procedure has been updated as of October 21, 2016.)

Note for applicants based outside the U.S.

Each delegate is responsible for providing a valid passport to enter the United States. Contact the nearest United States Embassy or Consulate or click here to find out whether you need a visa to enter the US.

Step 1

A group leader should be assigned to facilitate the group members' application. The role of the group leader is to administer and collect Group Member Registration Forms and administrative fees from group members.

Please be advised that each group member is required to fill out separate forms. All applicants are required to answer a questionnaire regarding their interests in attending the Youth Assembly and their personal commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals. The applicants' answers will qualify them for the opportunity to be selected as an Outstanding Youth Delegate finalist.

Step 2

Each group member (including the group leader) should prepare the following requirements in filling out the forms:


  • Photo or scan of your government-issued identification card (File Max Size: 5 MB)
  • Passport number if you are applying for a visa for the purpose of this conference
  • Response to the questionnaire

Step 3

The group leader must fill out the Group Registration Form→

The group leader should receive an autoresponder email confirming the receipt of the registration form and containing a copy of the submitted answers. If you do not receive one within 30 minutes of submitting your form, please contact us. Early bird registration runs until November 4, 2016, 5:00 P.M. EST.

Step 4

Your group application will be processed once the group registration form and group payment have been received. Processing of applications normally occur within 14 days. However, due to the large amount of applications we receive on a daily basis, we kindly request that you only contact us regarding the status of your application if you do not receive an email after 14 days.

Step 5

If you group application has been accepted, the group leader shall receive an email containing payment instructions and a copy of the group member registration form (or download it here) to be filled out by group members (The group leader may also choose to start collecting these forms ahead of time before submitting the Group Registration Form). These forms must be completed by each group member and collected by the group leader. The group leader should submit all the forms together with the Member Roster document. Formal letters will be provided once we have received the member roster and group member registration forms.

Step 6

For group members who need to apply for a US Visa, please make sure they have received their Formal Invitation Letter. Otherwise, please proceed to Step 7.

The Formal Invitation Letter may be presented to the U.S. Embassy or Consulate in your country as supporting documents for your visa application.

Please note that we cannot make personal phone calls or requests on anyone's behalf to specific Embassies or Consulates. Please notify us of the outcome of the visa appointment by December 15, 2016 in order to obtain Formal Admission Letters.

Step 7

Make sure each of your group members has received their own Formal Admission Letters.

This letter shall be provided together with the confirmation email.

All accepted delegates must present this letter to the registration staff on the day of Delegates Check-in to receive the Event Pass required to enter the United Nations Headquarters.


Dates to Remember

October 3, 2016: Early bird registration starts
November 4, 2016: Early bird registration ends
December 15, 2016: Confirmation of US visa interview outcome for early bird registrants
If you have further questions regarding the registration process, please contact us.