Delegate Package

With the majority of youth delegates coming from different parts of the world, the Youth Assembly has proven to be an embodiment of unity and diversity on an international scale. Therefore, outside of the conference, FAF works toward offering more opportunities for youth delegates to build connections, interact, and network with peers from different countries in a more collaborative and fun environment.

The Youth Assembly Delegate Package is designed to extend the Youth Assembly experience outside of the conference and provide affordable accommodation, meals, and networking opportunities for youth delegates during their stay in New York City. Youth delegates who signed up for the packages enjoy access to post-conference activities aimed at enriching their experience in both practical and inspiring ways.

Please note that booking a Delegate Package is optional. Although highly recommended, it is NOT a prerequisite to attending the conference.

What are the potential benefits of booking a Delegate Package?

  • Staying at the designated accommodation will allow participants to spend more time with fellow delegates in a friendlier atmosphere outside the conference.
  • Through special events and activities, it's a lot easier to explore and enjoy New York City at its finest.
  • Youth Assembly staff will be with the participants during each activity or special event to ensure safety and security.
  • Staying in New York City is quite expensive, therefore Delegate Packages are designed to be low-priced and affordable.
  • We take care of booking overnight accommodations so that you can focus on preparing for the Youth Assembly.