An enriching experience beyond the conference

With majority of youth delegates coming from different parts of the world, the Youth Assembly has proven to be an embodiment of unity and diversity on an international scale. Therefore, outside of the conference, FAF works toward offering more opportunities for youth delegates to build connections, interact, and network with peers from different countries in a more collaborative and fun environment.

The Delegate Packages are designed to extend the Youth Assembly experience beyond the conference and provide various learning and networking opportunities for participants, in addition to affordable accommodation and meals during their stay in the United States. Participants who sign up for the packages enjoy access to additional events and activities aimed at enriching their experience in both practical and inspiring ways.

Please note that booking a Delegate Package is optional. Although highly recommended, it is not a prerequisite to attending the conference.

The Delegate Packages include programs that allow participants to:

  • Gain practical understanding of sustainable development
  • Recognize the value of sustainability and its impact
  • Discover principles behind social innovation
  • Broaden perspectives about cultural values and global issues
  • Build a network of peers and mentors
  • Explore opportunities and utilize resources to actualize future goals and aspirations
  • Learn to appreciate culture and history of significant landmarks across three various states in the United States

The Delegate Packages - Premier Package, Academic Package, Metropolitan Package, and Core Package - consist of various programs that take place across three prominent cities in the United States: Social Ventures for Sustainable Development seminar in New Jersey; Youth Assembly at the United Nations in New York City; Cross-sectoral Implementation of SDGs seminars in Washington, D.C. In addition to these programs, the Delegate Package also includes other services such as meals, accommodation, transportation between venues, admissions to all side activities, exclusive souvenirs, and much more.

Social Ventures for Sustainable Development

New Jersey, August 5-8, 2017

The Social Ventures for Sustainable Development (SVSD) Seminar is an intensive university certificate-based program developed and delivered by Fairleigh Dickinson University (FDU), which aims to teach participants hands-on skills in creating and developing a social venture business project.

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Youth Assembly at the United Nations

New York, August 9-13, 2017

Beyond the conference at the United Nations,  participants are also invited to attend exclusive activities for a more enriched and comprehensive experience. These provide participants extraordinary opportunities to network and discuss global issues with fellow international participants and professionals from different sectors, which include ambassadors, UN officials, young entrepreneurs, nonprofit and private sector leaders, and prominent public figures.

Cross-sectoral Implementation of SDGs

Washington, D.C., August 14-16,2017

This program provides participants the opportunity to walk into local and global institutions, to interact with experts from various sectors, and to experience how the implementation of SDGs is approached locally and globally.

+ Highlights

  • Discover the beautiful campus of FDU, a university associated with the United Nations since its inception in 1945.
  • Work with Peer Mentors who will guide and advise on projects prior to and during the seminar.
  • Engage with senior executives of a top global innovative company committed to implementing the SDGs during a visit to their headquarters.
  • Enjoy a trip to a local urban farm and see how New Jersey is finding innovative ways to support green living initiatives through education and action in their communities.
  • Pitch your best Social Venture Proposal for the opportunity to be recognized and featured at the Youth Assembly.
  • Submit social venture business proposals to our Partners’ Platforms for the chance to win project seed funding, life-time mentorship, and networking opportunities.

+ Highlights

  • Join young leaders from around the world in tackling global issues and solutions toward sustainable development at the United Nations
  • Experience a formal networking opportunity at the Opening Gala with speakers and special guests from Permanent Missions.
  • Enjoy dinner and dancing at Cruise Night, while taking in the NYC skyline – a most favorite and memorable experience for participants.
  • During the Culture Celebration, participate in a variety showcase through music, arts, and traditional performances with fellow delegates from around the world.
  • Explore historic and world-class venues around the UN Headquarters through an arranged UN Guided Tour.
  • At the Permanent Mission Visit & Briefing, learn first hand the work of a UN Permanent Mission towards achieving the SDGs together with the Mission’s diplomats.
  • Put words into action through Volunteer Service by working with peers to give back to the community and create change for a better world.

+ Highlights

  • Meet staff from Sustainable D.C, a government initiative, and witness how US local government is transforming a city to a sustainable green city.
  • Learn how UNA-USA, a local UN membership organization, is dedicated to support the ideals and vital work of the UN and explore the opportunities to get involved.
  • Spend a day at World Bank Headquarters and get a chance to attend a certificate-based seminar to discuss global issues with expert speakers.
  • Meet leaders involved with Ideas for Action to learn the eligibility, mechanics, and benefits of joining the competition.

Delegate Packages

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August 5-16, 2017

+ Includes

  • Social Ventures for Sustainable Development
  • Youth Assembly at the United Nations
  • Cross-sectoral Implementation of SDGs

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August 5-13, 2017

+ Includes

  • Social Ventures for Sustainable Development
  • Youth Assembly at the United Nations

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August 8-16, 2017

+ Includes

  • Youth Assembly at the United Nations
  • Cross-sectoral Implementation of SDGs

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August 8-13, 2017

+ Includes

  • Youth Assembly at the United Nations

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